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We focus on the individuality of each resident including learning what brings them energy and life; considering interests of their past and present. We look to the whole person, collaborate with their family and deliver care that incorporates the latest research in Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia, and memory loss.

It is our mission to help residents discover a new joy of life by giving them purpose, freedom, and dignity in a safe, secure, and fun atmosphere.

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How do I determine the right facility for myself or a loved one?

Get started by including your family. If possible, tour the facilities you are considering.  During your tour, see if the residents are well cared for. Note if the residents are clean and dressed, if staff members are respectful and attentive to the needs of the residents, the condition of the rooms and the general atmosphere of the community. As you tour the facility, look and listen. How does the facility look? Is it clean? Are hallways and resident areas clean and clutter free? Listen to interactions between residents and staff. Do staff address residents by name? Are interactions friendly? Become an informed consumer; research and compare facilities on-line.

What are the visiting hours?

Our Community is secured (locked) 24 hours a day. However, family members are welcome to visit 24/7. Access can be gained through the front entrance, utilizing the buzzer and requesting staff to allow you access. After-hour visitors are asked to be aware that other residents are sleeping.

What is included in the room and board rate?

Inclusive in the room and board rate is dementia-related programming, clinical supervision and appropriate clinical support, housekeeping, heating & air-conditioning, activities suited to the person’s interests, social services, laundry (linens & towels), maintenance on provided equipment, Dietitian services and special diets if needed. Each resident's rate is determined by an assessment and given a level of care from 1-4. Not included in the basic rate will be medications, supplements, Physician visit fees, therapy costs, barber & beauty charges, transportation charges, and other miscellaneous charges. Please call or contact us to request our schedule of fees.

Do you Accept Medicare and Medicaid?

No, we are a Private Pay Community

Can I bring my own medications?

Federal and State regulations do not permit a person or family member to bring medications from home to be administered by our staff. All medications must be provided by a licensed Pharmacy within the State of Maryland. A person who wishes to have their medications come from a local pharmacy, must make arrangements made through the Executive Director or Clinical Director.

Can I take my loved one home for a visit?

Yes, home visits are encouraged. There may be restrictions or conditions that may be placed by the Physician or the medications that must be taken at a particular time. Residents’ families are requested to coordinate the outing with the Executive Director before leaving the community to coordinate obtaining and organizing any medications that may be needed from the pharmacy.

Do you offer transportation?

Inspirations Memory Care does have agreements with other providers offering services to the residents.  Arrangements for transportation can be made through the Executive Director. Additional fees may apply.